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It’s Thursday today isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s not. We’ve been so busy performing overseas and ship hopping with Royal Caribbean’s fleet of pretty impressive ships, that we’re not sure where we are or quite what day it is. We’ve gotten used to falling asleep in one country and waking up in another. We’ve become accustomed to the ever changing view from outside our window. And we’ve become very fond of having shorts, t-shirts and summer hats making up our ‘every day wear’ as we travel from Greece, to Italy to France to Spain. We’ve got a little too familiar of the feeling of sand beneath our toes as we relax after a show on a beach in whichever country we happen to arrive in that day. And we’ve become all so used to the roar of 1,500 guests as they shout for an encore following our sixties show.

Wedding band Devon

It’s been such (and still is) a very busy summer, you may may noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front. That’s because we’ve been so chocka that we’ve really been strapped for time. We’ve been on planes, off planes, looking for lost suitcases, reunited with lost suitcases, staying in hotels, checking in, checking out, loading in equipment and loading equipment out, eating, talking about eating, getting in and out of taxis and performing LOADS. It’s been ace. Like really ace. We’d like to tell you it’s not that amazing, but it really is. We are jealous of our own schedule. Our 1960s show is going down an absolute storm, with standing ovations every show – we can’t believe it! When we’ve been back in the UK, we’ve performed when we can, and prepared for the next adventure.

The Zoots in Kotor, Montenegro, The Zoots band, Jamie Goddard Band, Kotor Landscape, Hills in Kotor,
Montenegro, earlier this year

So today is a welcome relief, as I have time to catch my breath and tell you all about the 15th of August. It was a very special day which I remember like it was yesterday. It was Megan & George’s wedding day at Pynes House in Exeter.

As soon as Megan emailed us back in June 2014 (do you remember that?! Crikey it really does seem like only yesterday). Anyway, Megan emailed to see if The Zoots were available to perform for her and her husband to be George, on their wedding day. We were in Norway when the email came through. We remember it well…can you guess why? Emails exchanged, Megan & George said yes and chose The Zoots as their wedding band, Devon.

The days flew by and before we knew it, August was upon us. Megan and I had exchanged quite a few emails in the lead up to the big day, running through timings, song choices, changing rooms, loading in. Leaving no stone unturned so everything would smoothly on the day.

We arrived to THIS (I know!) – Pynes House.

Pynes House, Wedding venue, exeter, Pynes House Exeter, megan and George Wedding
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Set on a simply gorgeous British Countryside backdrop, this was the perfect place to have a wedding. Surrounded by green hills and crunchy tree tops, the air felt cleaner, the sun felt warmer, we couldn’t think of a better place to be. Jaws suitably dropped, we continued up the drive to check out where we were performing that evening.
Pynes House Exeter, View at Pynes House Exeter, Countryside, British Countryside, Wedding at Pynes House, Megan and George Wedding, August Wedding, Wedding band

A stones throw from Pynes House was this marquee, our stage for the evening.  JUST LOOK HOW AMAZING IT IS.


The marquee was decked out just beautifully. I loved everything about it, the flowers, the table markers, the candles, the paper hearts, the sofa, the table plan mirror. WOW. A lot of thought and planning really had gone into every little detail. The flowers we’re…well you can see for yourself in the photos below, they were just perfect.

Wedding band Devon

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  • Marquee, wedding marquee, Megan and George wedding, Pynes House wedding, Wedding party, August Wedding, Outdoor wedding, Wedding view a view, bride and groom, Wedding band, The Zoots, Wedding band Wiltshire, Band for hire,

We set up and sound checked. We had a nice sized space to perform in which was great. The checkered dance floor in front of us looked very cool, we couldn’t wait for it to be filled with dancing people! Sound check went smoothly. A marquee in generally very good for an electric band as there are no hard, reflective surfaces, meaning we have fewer issues with feedback and slap back. Instead there are lots of soft, carpeted, or lined surfaces which really help to absorb the sound, making the sound a lot easier to control. It all went really smoothly. During our set up, we got to meet Megan! She looked every bit as beautiful as I knew she would and was just as lovely as her emails suggested. It was so wonderful to finally be able to put a face to the name!

Zoots Wedding band in Devon

Following set up, we explored the grounds and got to chill out in our very cool break out room. It would make an excellent place for a photoshoot!

Megan and George has very kindly arranged some pretty amazing food for us. There was an array of delightful treats! We couldn’t believe it. Sandwiches and cakes of every kind. We were so happy. It was just perfect, meaning we could tuck in throughout our stay without feeling too weighed down with a big meal. There was even napkins, tables, chairs (you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve been at a table with no chairs!) and glasses and water. They really had thought of everything. It was so wonderful and very much appreciated. Thank you you guys! 😀

We began! Megan and George (after some debate! 😀 ) Had chosen ‘How long will I love you’ by Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman for their first dance. DJ Stuart played this for them, it was lovely. It was a joy to watch as the couple danced together for the first time as husband and wife in front of their friends and family. 

We kicked off our set with ‘Rock Around The Clock’ By Bill Haley and the Comets (This is a personal favourite of mine as we have some small, but very cool dance moves which I really enjoy doing). After that, we launched into some hits from the 50s and 60s. The dance floor was packed. We played Twist & Shout, Pretty Woman, Beggin’, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. There were so many I cannot remember them all. Megan and George had chosen loads of awesome songs from our repertoire.

Later on in the set lead guitarist Ben Jones sang ‘I’m Yours’ which was one of Megan & George’s ‘possible’ first dances. It was lovely, and we managed to catch a little bit on a our shaky iPhone. 🙂

We had a short break between sets where Zoots bass player. Stuart hit the decks to DJ for the couple and their wedding guests. They’d chosen lots of cool songs for Stuart to play. It was awesome. Whilst Stuart was playing, we had some coffee, admired the cheese and enjoyed each others company. Set 2, we pumped up the volume and crammed so many songs into our set. Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Pharrell Williams, Aerosmith, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 – all of them featured.

The end arrived quicker than expected. It is true that time flies when you’re having fun.

We packed away and departed, knowing we, Megan and George and their guests had, had a great night.

Megan and George wedding, Pynes House wedding, Wedding party, August Wedding, Outdoor wedding, Wedding view a view, bride and groom, Wedding band, The Zoots, Wedding band Wiltshire, Band for hire,
We had a wonderful night, we can’t thank Megan and George enough for choosing The Zoots to be their wedding band. And a big thank you to everyone at Pynes House and the team at Antonia’s Kitchen for being so lovely and looking after us so well,

Love from,

The Zoots,
Harriet, Jamie, Mike, Ben & Stuart xx

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Here is some kind words from the bride a groom:

Dear Harriet and Jamie
Thank you ever so much for playing at our wedding on Saturday. I can honestly say you made the evening. EVERYBODY has said how amazing you were. I have never been to a wedding where everybody danced all night long. My favourite memory of the whole day was when you played we are young, I took a moment to look around and everyone there was either smiling or laughing. It truly was the best wedding ever. There are some fab photos of you on my Facebook page so please have a look!  George and I are currently sat on our balcony having just watched the sun set over Santorini. We hope you too are having a lovely time here! love from Mr and Mrs York xxx”