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The past few weeks have been our busiest ever, it’s hard to know where to begin, or where we left off! August was very busy for The Zoots. It began when we flew to Santorini, we’ve never been there before but had heard tales of beauty and wonder!

We had a FEAST at Giraffe before departing at Heathrow Airport, and were welcomed to glorious sunshine when we touched down a few hours later.

The weather was hot hot HOT! Did you know Santorini was where they filmed Mamma Mia? The Zoots‘ bass player Stuart & Lead Guitarist Ben played ‘Guess that Mama Mia theme tune’ during the flight. Pretty sure the other passengers weren’t so keen, but it kept us amused. We landed quite late in the evening, but it was still warm enough to have a quick swim in the pool, something we’ve never really had time to do before! As we entered the hotel Zoots lead Singer Jamie exclaimed ‘Wow this is a nice place!’, to which the hotelier replied ‘I guess, it’s OKAY, there is┬ánicer’.

After a quick dip in the pool and a bite to eat, we headed down to the seas as the sun was setting. That night was a Super Moon, when the moon looks particularly bright and particularly large. It was lovely.

After a lovely sunshine baked breakfast, we waited around and waited around some more. Harriet coughed a lot. And we sweated. And we waited and waited (our taxi was 2 hours early). After around 2 hours of waiting, we boarded our tender ship, bound for Royal Caribbean’s ship,┬áSerenade of the Seas where we were to perform with our 1960s show.

We were only in Santorini a short time but we really enjoyed it. We didn’t get to see the bit where Mamma Mia was filmed, with all the clear water, white houses and Pierce Brosnans but we did have a particularly enjoyable 2 hour wait in a fumey, hotter that the centre of the earth, port. Have a read of some more of our blog to see what else we’ve been up to!

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