The Zoots Sounds of the 60s

Hello! It’s been a while. Sorry about that.

The Zoots have been busier than ever with our theatre shows in 2019 and Harriet’s art business is going really well.

November is usually the time to learn new songs, catch up on sleep and plan for the season ahead, but this year has been quite different. Our Sounds of the 60’s show at Beccles was our third gig in a row and our fifth show in 8 days and our 80th show of the year!

Here’s what happened at Beccles.
We left HQ at 1130am for the five hour drive to Suffolk.

When we arrived the staff were all very helpful. Maureen and Lesley made us all cups of tea coffee with biscuits and after a long time in the van a cuppa is the best thing ever! We were so pleased to have a sell out crowd and we got the show off to a fantastic start with the help of John the tech and Matt doing the sound.

Beccles Public Halls was built in 1785 so it has to be one of the oldest venues we’ve played this year. It was beautiful! The Zoots were very lucky to have photographer Alan Lyall at our Sounds of the 60’s show in November at our show who kindly provided all of these great photographs.

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  • zootsbeccles
  • The Zoots band
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It was a very special show as it was Ed Scott’s first theatre performance with the band on bass guitar. A brand new bass, a brand new Zoots suit and a 10 year old pair of Zoots boots, Ed looked and sounded the business! Some of you may recognise Ed as he’s been part of the band as our sound engineer since 2017 and has now joined the band on bass guitar. He’s a great guy and we are looking forward to the next chapter!

Here’s some photos of Harriet during our Sounds of the 60s show.

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  • The Zoots band

It was amazing to see a packed venue in an area that is so far away from Wiltshire. It was fantastic to have our friends Danny & Margaret Bramhald in the audience. We have performed for all their family parties, both their 50th birthday parties and their sons 21st Birthday party. They met us back in 2013 and have stayed in touch ever since. They must have seen us at least 20 times!

Very special friends in the front row was Barbara and Andy McKintyre who have supported us and followed us up and down the country for two years. They have been to see us in Lancashire, Norfolk, Suffolk travelling all over the country to see us play. They’ve lost count of how many times they’ve seen us! Thank you so much to these wonderful people for supporting us!

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  • The Zoots band
  • The Zoots Sounds of the 60s

The Zoots has been running since 2009 and it’s amazing to think that we’ve done 1000 shows since and travelled to over 30 countries in that time. This year has been the most challenging doing so many public concerts but it feels amazing touring our show up and down the country, bringing it to so many counties, so many people.

  • The Zoots Sounds of the 60s
  • The Zoots Sounds of the 60s
  • The Zoots Sounds of the 60s
  • The Zoots Sounds of the 60s

We really genuinely appreciate every single like on Facebook, the sharing of events, buying tickets for the show. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our chosen charity of ‘Kids out’.

We will be back soon with part 2 of the Beccles Public Halls show.

Thank you so much to Alan Lyall for taking the stage photos.

Coming up, we have one of our biggest shows, to an estimated 16,000, at The Salisbury Christmas Light switch on Thursday 21st November.  We hope to see some of you there.

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