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Wedding band Tetbury

Friday the 29th of May 2015 is sunny, bright and lovely. It’s a typically gorgeous spring-almost-summer day in the UK. There are a few fluffy clouds littered across the sky, the sun stretching out it’s rays as it shines brightly, warming the ground below, for the first time in a few days. The weather is perfect. And we know today will be perfect. WE ARE THE WEDDING BAND IN TETBURY!

We’re on our way to perform for Charlotte & Ian at the very incredible Westonbirt House. Westonbirt House was built in 1870 and designed by Lewis Vulliamy. The owner of the house at that time was Robert Holford who founded the Westonbirt Aboretum which has one of the most finest tree collections in the world. The scene was truly stunning as we approached.

Charlotte & Ian first saw us perform in May 2014 at Jess & James Arthur’s wedding at Bowood House. Remember that? It was brilliant, was it really a year ago? Anyway that’s where these lovlies first spotted us. They then saw us again this January as we performed for Natalie for her 30th birthday celebrations at The Marriott in Swindon, another totally wild night! It was this wintertime January night, we we’re finally able to put faces to names as we had been emailed Charlotte and Ian for a few months! It was wonderful to meet them; we made a date to get together for a drink and talk wedding!!!

Wedding band Tetbury

Fast forward a few weeks and we we’re back at the Marriott to run through plans and ideas for the big day. We got on great with Charlotte and Ian and were really excited about performing for them. When we visited the venue a few weeks before we were totally knocked out by the venue. We have played a few, (over 600 and counting) but this was a really special place.

The main hall at Westonbirt House is a stunning wedding venue, like something from Hogwarts or the Royal Albert Hall with a huge pipe organ behind the stage. There was also a huge gallery which reminded us of our performance at Oxford Town Hall.

The stage was set so we took a quick look round and found our dressing room where we had water, a kettle, coffee, tea and cups. Our dressing room led onto another hall which was a great place to warm up. We got our first glimpse of the Bride and Groom; Charlotte and Ian as they cut the cake. All the guests then moved into the main hall for the first dance.

The band were ready and had a few photos in preparation for the first dance. Charlotte and Ian’s first dance was a very romantic moment and they shared the dance floor thoughout the song. The party got started and everyone was up on the dancefloor. We soon got them to dance in a circle which soon turned into a conga. After the conga, there was a limbo and then a dance off. Going through some of Charlotte and Ian’s songs from our repertoire,our nice new PA system was keeping everyone up and dancing.

We had a great rapport with the guests and everyone had a fantastic time. Many of the guests had seen us before and it was lovely to Jess and James who’s wedding we played last year at Bowood House. We also saw lots of people from Natalie Coe’s 30th party when we played at the Marriot Hotel in Swindon. Natalie and Ian Coe were on great form and it we wish we’d had more time to speak to everyone before we came back for our second set.

We had a lovely chat with Charlotte and Ian after the show and took some pictures together. Our drummer Simon Small who’s wedding was only a few weeks before, went to the exact same Honeymoon resort in the Maldives that Charlotte and Ian were going to!!

It was a fantastic evening and it went by so quick! We packed down and picked up a few stranded wedding guests for a lift back home to Swindon. After a very long day with a 5 am start in Naples, we were ready for a rest but totally buzzed and honoured to have been part of such an amazing wedding for two lovely people; our friends Charlotte and Ian. We look forward to seeing them when they get back from their honeymoon.

Thank you so much to Charlotte and Ian for having The Zoots, Neil Thom on lead guitar, Simon Small on drums, Dan Gill on backing vocals and bass, Nick Hill taking care of the DJ duties and Harriet on percussion and backing vocals whilst manning the sound desk and taking some photos.

Many thanks to all the staff including Jackie Cook the catering manager.

All the very best

Jamie Goddard

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Wedding band Tetbury