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Wedding Band Bath

for Richard and Lisa's wedding
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Richard and Lisa found us from the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia and following a few emails and our first ever Skype conversation we were booked in to perform at one of our favourite wedding venues. Priston Mill will always be a special place for us as its where our drummer Simon got married to the lovely Emily in 2015.
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As a band we get to travel around alot and we get to see some lovely places, recently we’ve been to Kusadasi, La Coruna, Split, Lisbon and The Azores. It is a brilliant journey and we are having a great time, we just need to remember to tell everyone about it! Continue reading

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So this weekend has been preeeee-tay busy, but that’s how we like it. Last week we’re performing on the Allure of The Seas with our 1960s show. We arrived back yesterday to perform for Charlotte & Ian on their wedding day at Westonbirt House, it was brilliant. And today is the real cherry on the icing of our perfect weekend, we we’re performing at Ben, our lead guitarist’s, sisters wedding day!!! We been lucky enough to meet Tamzin and Dan at a few gigs over the years we’ve been playing with Ben, and we instantly loved them. So when they asked us to perform for them on their most special of special days, we jumped at the chance. Continue reading

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OK, so today is a preeeeety special day. We’re always very excited and very fortunate that lots of couples choose us, The Zoots, to be there wedding band which on a day they’ll never forget. It really is a very lovely thing and gives us a very warm feeling to be part of something so memorable.

But today is a little bit different. Today one of The Zoots drummers, Simon Small is getting married! We’ve known Si for three years now and he plays with us whenever Master East isn’t available. We just love playing with Si, he’s great fun and very talented. Over the years, we’ve got to know Si and Emily as a couple and we’re really lucky to be able to call them our friends. So when Si popped the question on the Christmas Eve 2013 to his beautiful girlfriend Emily, we were absolutely thrilled to hear the news. They are just perfect together. We jumped to offer to perform for them both on their most special of special days. They said yes and the countdown to the wedding began.  Continue reading

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Last week we had a brilliant time at Sophie and Charles wedding at Marden Manor. It really was fantastic, at one of the most beautiful marquees we’ve ever seen! The week flew by and before we knew it, it was Saturday and we we’re heading East to perform at Steve & Laura at the very famous, Pinewood Studios. It was an early start for us as Steve & Laura wanted the band to be set up before the wedding breakfast took place. We had tired sleepy eyes but we were feeling like happy and content Zoots as we set off in our still very slow van. Continue reading

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I just love April. The rapeseed is out in full bloom and colours the landscape a glowing yellow. Birds are reappearing and flowers pop up in the garden. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and I get all excited about the thought of summer! I love being out in the countryside at this time of year. We’re fortunate as we get to see ahhhh-lot of the country (and indeed the world) on our travels. It’s a wonderful time to get married. Wiltshire is where we begin our journey as we travel the short distance to Marden Manor for the wedding of Charles and Sophie.
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Let’s travel back to the 31st of March 2014. An email pings in. I can hear it. It’s from Amy and Ian. Hello Amy & Ian (they sound very lovely). They are getting married on the 7th of March 2015 and wondered if we’re available to perform for them. They just love the 60’s music and knew we were the perfect fit! We said yes and the date was booked!

Ian and Amy had know each other just 13 months before they decided they wanted to spend their lives together. And where better to tie the knot than The Assembly Rooms in Bath – what a venue! Continue reading

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We met with Kelly and Dan at the Marriott Hotel early December; we loved them immediately! They were super nice, very funny and we got on really well. We chatted over coffee about plans for their wedding; what songs they may like, first dances and the itinerary for the night. Dan & Kelly met at Swindon Town Football club, and the rest is history. They found ‘The Zoots‘ following a recommendation from Glenn and Colin aka: Your Digital Memories (they are totes awesome photographers, you should book them). Your Digital Memories had spotted us performing  at Jessica and James Arthurs wedding at Bowood House in May 2014, what a night that was! To be recommended by a fellow supplier is just wonderful. Thank you! After checking out our website and getting in touch with us, Kelly & dan decided to book us for their big day! Continue reading

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Maybe it’s the shorter days, the slight drop in temperature, or the fact that we are so so busy which is making the days fly by. Was is really a week ago we were performing for Victoria & Piers at their wedding at Priston Mill in Bath? Aye it was. *wipes forehead and exhales*. What a night that was. Read the blog about it here.

Today we’re headed to Leicester. We’re performing for a very lovely couple, Catherine & Phil. Let’s flash back for a minute. It’s Saturday. I’m pretty sure it’s November or maybe it’s December 2013. We’re at gig. It’s a 60’s themed night. The room is packed. And I mean packed. I think the ceiling is sweating. It’s so 60’s, we could actually be in the 196o’s. Somewhere under the the bopping bodies there is a dance floor and perhaps a carpet of sorts, but I can no longer see it. People are dancing dancing dancing. In the crowd around are Cat & Phil and they are loving it loving it loving it. They smile at us. We smile back. They like us. We like them. They say hello. We wipe the sweat from our brows and say hello back. They would like to book us for their wedding next year. We are happy. Continue reading

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We’ve finally just about recovered from the mammothly brilliant day at Liz and John’s wedding at The Gallivant Hotel last week. It was totes amaze balls. There were seashells, sand, sea and starfish and dancing and moving and shaking. It was brill! Read the blog about it here.

Fast forward 7 days, it’s Saturday 18th of October 2014. It’s a clear, bright and fresh day. The leaves are starting to turn orangey red and the scarves and hats are making a reappearance. Definitely autumn. Uncertain skies follow us on our trip to the Tythe Barn at Priston Mill. Rain/no rain/rain. The weather holds and we arrive, greeted by an impressive watermill and beautiful barn and surrounding grounds. We are excited and happy Zoots. We are also a bit hungry and fancy a cup of tea. We’ve had a wonderfully trecherous and delightfully hairy drive through the Wiltshire Countryside in our *new van*. At last we’ve arrived. Today is Victoria & Piers’ wedding day. And The Zoots are performing. And it is going to be brilliant.
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