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So this weekend has been preeeee-tay busy, but that’s how we like it. Last week we’re performing on the Allure of The Seas with our 1960s show. We arrived back yesterday to perform for Charlotte & Ian on their wedding day at Westonbirt House, it was brilliant. And today is the real cherry on the icing of our perfect weekend, we we’re performing at Ben, our lead guitarist’s, sisters wedding day!!! We been lucky enough to meet Tamzin and Dan at a few gigs over the years we’ve been playing with Ben, and we instantly loved them. So when they asked us to perform for them on their most special of special days, we jumped at the chance. Continue reading

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Today’s journey is dark and a little chilly. It’s November the 15th, a Saturday. We’re travelling from Zoots HQ here in Wiltshire to Devon. Destination: Huntsham Court. We make our way down windy country lanes, with tight twists and turns, night-time fast approaching. We are literally in the middle of nowhere. No houses, no farms, nothing, just acres and acres of countryside. I imagine in the daylight, it’s a pretty spectacular, beautiful and green but now, as the dusk settles, it’s a bit spooky. There’s no service on our phones and we discuss what would *really* happen if we broke down. Werewolves, really really quick sand and very spooky, haunted woods spring to mind as we envisage ourselves tramping through the soggy fields searching for help. My mind gets carried away with me as we journey on, making a mental note to pack torches and blankets for our next outing, you know, “just in case”. I want to reach the venue before it gets dark, to see the building properly in the light. But time and daylight are not on our side. As we pull up, I take a photo. I hope you can tell from the photie above…it’s pretty special.
Continue reading

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It’s Wednesday. Its 1:30pm and the sun is shining (praise the lord)! We’re scheduled to perform outside at The Friendslife summer party in Bristol. Being summer in Britain, the weather lading up to this day has been a little…chaotic. Fortunately the heavens opened this morning and have left the sky blue and sunny and warm and lovely. We are happy. We arrive bright eye and merry. We were performing last night in Somerset, and stayed over so it meant we had quite an early night (for us!). We’ve been looking to this for aggggges! A few months ago Jamie & I visited Hayley at the Friendslife site to discuss the set up, load in, where we would be playing and what we would need. This was so incredibly helpful and made everything run ultra smooth on the day.  Continue reading

The Zoots perform for Rich & Olivia on their wedding day at Tylney Hall Hotel, Hampshire, May 2014. The Zoots band, The Zoots wedding band, Wedding bands in Wiltshire, Wedding band in Dorset, Wedding bands in The South West, Party Band, 60s band, 1960s band, Wedding music, Band for NYE, wedding band Hampshire

Hello May 31st. It’s Saturday. It’s around 4pm. We’re at Zoots HQ in Wiltshire, having a cup of tea and loading the van all set for our performance at Tylney Hall in Hampshire. The skies are clear and we’re feeling elated. We’ve just returned from performing to 2000 people on a cruise to France and Italy, (read all about it here) and we’re looking forward to performing for a very lovely couple, Olivia & Rich. They got in touch in July 2013 to see if we were available to perform for them. They sounded just wonderful and their wedding sounded perfect so we of course said yes! Tylney Hall is just such a breath-takingly grand venue. We are pretty excited.

We’ve arrived it’s even better than we remembered. We’ve visited Tylney Hall a few months ago and met with Olivia & Rich and Olivia’s parents Lindsey & Terry. It was great to check out the room we were performing in, our load in arrangements and where we could park. We always like to visit a venue if we can before the day as it really helps things to run extra smoothly. It’s also great to meet the hosts if we can too, and put names to faces so that on the night it’s more personal. Continue reading

The Zoots perform at Bowood House, Wiltshire for Jess & James' wedding. The Zoots band, The Zoots wedding band, Wedding bands in Wiltshire, Wedding band in Dorset, Wedding bands in The South West, Party Band, 60s band, 1960s band, Wedding music, Band for NYE

Friday the 23rd of May 2014 had been in our diary for well over a year. I can remember the first time I spoke to the lovely bride Jess, she called us waaaaaay back in 2013 to see if we were available to perform at her wedding at Bowood House! She’d spotted our Zoots advert in Bride magazine and couldn’t wait to call us. We said yes and arranged to meet up with her to discuss the details and the running order of the day. Jess was even more lovely when we met her  and her and he mum Juliette in person, it was great to put face to names!

And doesn’t time fly! We arrived at Bowood House feeling fresh and excited. It was a nice day, slightly overcast, but looked to be brightening up! We arrived a little early so waited until the guests had sat down before we began loading in. While we were waiting we saw the Owl who was used to deliver Jess and James’ rings during the wedding reception. A real owl! Wow. It was great. Photographer Glenn from ‘Your Digitial Memories‘ was there and he showed us a great shot of Jess and James’ with the owl. Continue reading

The Zoots perform at Pangdean Barn, Sussex for Juliette & Nicolas' wedding. he Zoots band, The Zoots wedding band, Wedding bands in Wiltshire, Wedding band in Dorset, Wedding bands in The South West, Party Band, 60s band, 1960s band, Wedding music, Band for NYE

Saturday got off to a great start. Lead Guitarist Ben and Bass player Stuart stayed over a Zoots HQ following our gig the night before in Brean with our other group Jamie & The First Class. We started the day off with a tasty cooked breakfast before being joined by drummer Master East and hitting the road, bound for Sussex to perform at the wedding of Juliette & Nicolas. We met them a few weeks previously to talk weddings. Read all about it here. The journey was good, the weather was nice and we made good time. We stopped on the way to make a few phone calls and take some selfies. Continue reading

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Last weekend was pretty busy! It began on Friday in Brean where we performed with our ‘sister act’, Jamie and the First Class. Afterwards we ventured North to the Lake District to perform at a very lovely wedding for James and Abbie, read the blog about it here.

On Sunday, we journeyed south to our Zoots home town of Wiltshire as we were performing at Bowood House in Calne for Jen’s 40th Glitz and Glamour birthday party!

Jen got in touch back in October to see if we were available to be her party band for the night. The party sounded fabulous and we were thrilled to be asked! We met with Jen and her husband Richard at Bowood House a few weeks before the bash to run through their song choices and where we would be setting up. We like to do this is we can as its always good to put faces to names and run through the plan for the evening! They were just lovely, and the party sounded brilliant. They had chosen some great songs for the evening, La Bamba, Hound Dog, Daydream Believer, Twist & Shout, Moves Like Jagger and loads more! We were so excited to be performing them. Continue reading

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On Friday 4th April 2014 we ( The Zoots ) performed at The Royal Thames Yacht Club Young Members Masquerade Ball.
It was a truly awesome night and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was our second performance at the venue in Knightsbridge following the success of the Carribean themed ball in 2013. This year was even better performance and the crowd were totally awesome! It was a brilliant performance by the band and we look forward to going back again in 2015. Continue reading