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Well hello lovely Internet viewer, are you having a good day? Is it cold where you are? It’s pretty nippy here, I have on 3 sweaters.

Have you done everything you need to? We haven’t. Our to do lists are as long as our arms, and then some. But it’s all great, we love being busy (srsly).  Continue reading

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Ok, so we’ve been back three days and I think we’ve just about recovered from what must have been our BEST shows ever, on board the Rhapsody of The Seas.

It began at Zoots HQ in Wiltshire of course, where most of our stories begin. We’ve had a busy few months performing at lots of events including Natalie & Rhys’ wedding, our awesome halloween show at Stamford Corn Exchange, as well as lots of other performances we just really haven’t had the time to tell you about. You may remember from our latest band blog post, we’re moving house, as well as having a full diary of performances and taking bookings well in to 2017, we’re pretty busy! So if you’re thinking about booking The Zoots, we’d recommend getting in touch asap!
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Today is pretty special, we’re off to the British Medical Association in Tavistock Square, London for the wedding of the very gorgeous Natalie & Rhys. Natalie & Rhys spotted us at the very brilliant wedding of Cat & Phil, remember that? Over a year ago, but still fresh in our minds. We did a lot of Zeppelin that night, which went down a storm!

We don’t often head to the big smoke as we’re performing lots over seas and in our home county of Wiltshire as well as having lots of bookings throughout the UK. We were excited. The feeling was palpable. Zoots Drummer Andy lives in the big smoke and told us it would be OK as we navigated our way through the labyrinth of little roads and lots of traffic. Continue reading

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Halloween was a few days ago, and we’ve only just recovered from out awesome wicked spooky night performing with The Zoots at the Stamford Corn Exchange. It was incredible to see you all in your capes, collars and cat suits showing off some of the best halloween costumes we had ever seen.  Continue reading

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Wow. It’s autumn already. You may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, our bad. We’ve been so busy. Like really so busy. We’ve not even had chance to tell you about some of the awesome things The Zoots have been doing. We’ve not filled you in on the pretty spectacular and very colourful wedding of Tara & Vig at the stunning Boreham House, back in August (was it really August?!). Nor have we had a minute to stop and mention just how fantastic Laura & Andy’s wedding at Walton Castle was (we played in a turret!!) and we’ve just not sat down to really soak up how much we enjoyed performing for Emma & Lee at their beautiful wedding at the Moonraker in Wiltshire. Continue reading

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It’s Thursday today isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s not. We’ve been so busy performing overseas and ship hopping with Royal Caribbean’s fleet of pretty impressive ships, that we’re not sure where we are or quite what day it is. We’ve gotten used to falling asleep in one country and waking up in another. We’ve become accustomed to the ever changing view from outside our window. And we’ve become very fond of having shorts, t-shirts and summer hats making up our ‘every day wear’ as we travel from Greece, to Italy to France to Spain. We’ve got a little too familiar of the feeling of sand beneath our toes as we relax after a show on a beach in whichever country we happen to arrive in that day. And we’ve become all so used to the roar of 1,500 guests as they shout for an encore following our sixties show.

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Saturday the 13th of June 2015 was a day we’d been looking forward to. We were headed to Morton on the Marsh to perform at June’s birthday bash. I just love Morton on the Marsh, if you have a chance to go there, you must! It is simply beautiful.

June had spotted us at one of our Zoots performances earlier in the year and asked us right away if we were available to perform for her. She was looking for a 60s themed band for her birthday party and we were just her cup of tea! We checked the date, we were available! Hooray! The Zoots were coming to the Cotswolds.  Continue reading

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Hello Sunday…! Yesterday we had a wicked awesome night dressing up as ‘The Glam Rocks‘ for Amanda’s party in Swindon. The night before that we we’re allllllll that way, over there, in Suffolk for Ed’s birthday party, which was…nothing short of immense. And today, well today is the icing on the cake of our deliciously wild weekend. We’re heading to Cornwall to perform for the totally gorgeous Amie & Andy for their wedding. Continue reading

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This week we have been preparing for our busy weekend ahead. We’ve been sussing out who needs to be what, where and when. How to make this happen and when to fit in some beauty sleep too. This weekend we’ll be covering around 800 miles in our van, (the bantsmobile), performing at 3 shows and having quite a blast while we’re at it.
The weekend (for us) begins on a Friday. And our journey begins here, at Zoots HQ, a wonderful place to begin our tale. Continue reading

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The Zoots have been very busy recently and been travelling all over the place by planes, train and luxury taxi’s. Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of performing three shows at the very impressive The Amber Theatre. We set up for souncheck where we met our seven members of the crew. Here is a picture of Liam, our fantasic sound man and a few pictures from our stage set up and soundcheck.
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