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60s tribute band

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This year has got off to a great start. It began in Cuba, and then Jamaica, which was just amazing!! Then we headed back to the UK where we’ve had lots of shows keeping us busy. Our performances have taken us to Bath, Oxford, Hertfordshire, Coventry, Taunton, and that’s all before February has finished! And today we’re heading to North Wales, to perform at the lovely Bodelwyddan Castle.

We set off early as we had a long drive ahead of us. The journey was fun as we played ‘guess the film score’ game with Ben’s new bluetooth speaker.

We arrived in good time, and the team at Bodelwyddan Castle showed us to the ahem…*cue proud moment*… ‘Lowther suite’ where we would be playing that evening! You could say it was made for me! hehe!
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As a band we get to travel around alot and we get to see some lovely places, recently we’ve been to Kusadasi, La Coruna, Split, Lisbon and The Azores. It is a brilliant journey and we are having a great time, we just need to remember to tell everyone about it! Continue reading

The Zoots have been soooooo busy this year and have been away so much its been tough to keep up to date with all our news. We had a fantastic November and got to tour some fantastic places; Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and a brief trip to the Azores. We have some exciting times ahead, in December we are going to the UAE and Oman in the Middle East aswell as Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. To cap it all off we have a show in Cuba on New Years Eve!! Then to Jamaica early January! Lucky us!

Below is a picture of us being the first to arrive at T2 at about 4.00 am on a cold November morning on our way to Turkey. Travelling to all these warmer places makes winter so much better!
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After a great day in Lisbon, we were feeling refreshed and happy and really looking forward to our show in the Alhambra Theatre. We just love it here, lots of comfy seats, fabulous lights, a huge stage and a great team! We knew this evening was going to be fantastic. Continue reading

The Zoots in Santorini

We’ve had a fantastic few weeks and The Zoots have travelled to some beautiful places: Rome, Pisa, Naples, Athens, Venice, Kotor, Vienna and Santorini. We have spent a long time in planes airports and taxis, some journeys more dangerous than others. We have survived a few testing times including a petrol shortage and a lorry strike in Naples and our lost luggage in Santorini. We’ve had few near misses with including the riots in Athens which we missed by a few hours.
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The Zoots have been very busy recently and been travelling all over the place by planes, train and luxury taxi’s. Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of performing three shows at the very impressive The Amber Theatre. We set up for souncheck where we met our seven members of the crew. Here is a picture of Liam, our fantasic sound man and a few pictures from our stage set up and soundcheck.
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The Zoots perform for the Nest Fundraiser to raise funds for Daniel Bulll from Little Pickles Playhouse in Little Hadlam, The Zoots were the party band for the evening's entertainment. They are also a wedding band in Hertfordshire . Wedding band in Berkshire, Party band in Wiltshire, Party band in Herts. band for charity event

Way back when The Zoots performed at The Alhambra theatre  we met the lovely Woodley family after the show. Many months later little did we know, Alison Woodley was planning and hosting events to raise money for the NesT charity. Alison’s aim was to raise £2,000 for eight year old Daniel Bull who she looks after at Little Pickles Playhouse. Daniel suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome, the condition (NS) affects approx 10,000 people in the UK, majority are children, with no known cause or cure. The current treatment is non-specif, with many potentially life-threatening complications. NeST funds Bristol Children’s Hospital in researching NS to find a cure.
Alison contacted The Zoots to see if we were available to entertain the guests at the charity fundraiser at Little Hadham Village Hall. We were honoured to be asked and jumped at the chance to be involved.  

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Last week we had a brilliant time at Sophie and Charles wedding at Marden Manor. It really was fantastic, at one of the most beautiful marquees we’ve ever seen! The week flew by and before we knew it, it was Saturday and we we’re heading East to perform at Steve & Laura at the very famous, Pinewood Studios. It was an early start for us as Steve & Laura wanted the band to be set up before the wedding breakfast took place. We had tired sleepy eyes but we were feeling like happy and content Zoots as we set off in our still very slow van. Continue reading

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It’s Wednesday. Its 1:30pm and the sun is shining (praise the lord)! We’re scheduled to perform outside at The Friendslife summer party in Bristol. Being summer in Britain, the weather lading up to this day has been a little…chaotic. Fortunately the heavens opened this morning and have left the sky blue and sunny and warm and lovely. We are happy. We arrive bright eye and merry. We were performing last night in Somerset, and stayed over so it meant we had quite an early night (for us!). We’ve been looking to this for aggggges! A few months ago Jamie & I visited Hayley at the Friendslife site to discuss the set up, load in, where we would be playing and what we would need. This was so incredibly helpful and made everything run ultra smooth on the day.  Continue reading