Well 2016 has started off with a bang! We began the year in Israel with Jamie & The First Class (it’s still us, just different outfits). Read all about the great time we had performing overseas here. Last Friday The Zoots were in Oxford for Opp’s New Year party at the very amazing Randoph Hotel. Then it was off to Little Hadham to perform at Christine’s birthday bash, where we witnessed some of the best dancing we have ever seen.

Today is Tuesday, and we’re looking back. Waaaaaay back in 2010 (remember that?!), We remember it well. It was when The Zoots performed one of their first Christmas shows at Corton Coastal Village. And that’s where we were headed today.

Across the M4, around the M25, up the M11 and down the A12 to East Anglia; bound for Corton Coastal Village for an awesome 50’s and 60’s themed party.

A lot has happened since 2010, The Zoots have since travelled all over Europe, the Middle East and USA. The band are now a five piece, we’ve got a new line up, new equipment, new van and we’ve got the best show we’ve ever had. We were looking forward to showing the guests all our shiny new bits.

Sixties tribute band

We arrived, loaded in and set up our equipment. There is a resident band at Corton Coastal Village so we had to set up a little different to normal, dotting ourselves around the stage and equipment, but we made it work.  After soundcheck, we parked ourselves in the restaurant and had a nice meal and a cup of tea. The room quickly filled, with around 300 guests, looking forward to watching our 1960’s show.
the zoots, 60s tribute band, sixties tribute band, 50s tribute band, band with double bassAt 9.30 The Zoots took to the stage for our first 1960s show of the year. All still a little bit tanned and refreshed from the Middle Eastern adventure, we were looking good.

We began with our Beatles medley followed by Frankie Valli and Four Seasons version of Can’t take my eyes off you. We have so many fab songs to choose from in our repertoire, it was difficult narrowing them down!

The Zoots 60s show, Sixites tribute band, 60s tribute band
Next up was Apache by The Shadows which was very popular with the guests. Lead guitarist, Ben came to the front of the stage to perform it.

Simon was back on the drums for the first 1960’s show of 2016 since our performance on a Saga cruise in December.

I spoke to the audience and told them what The Zoots had been up to recently, introducing Harriet, Ben, Dan and Simon for their first show in Corton.

The band performed a few new tracks for our UK shows including My Girl by the Temptations and 8 days a week by The Beatles. Using the wireless microphone and new wireless in ear monitoring, Dan and I performed all around the venue and got to see the audience close up.

Sixties tribute band

In the second half we introduced a new part of the show with Dan playing the double bass. It was brilliant and the audience loved it. We performed some songs from our repertoire including Eddie Cochran, Elvis and Ritchie Valens. As the tempo built, we invited the audience up to the dancefloor.
sixties band, 1960s tribute band, sixties tribute band, good 50s tribute band, 60s themed band, jamie goddard, apache

We didn’t get many pictures from this part of the show, so here’s some we prepared earlier of Dan’s double bass!sixties band, 1960s tribute band, sixties tribute band, good 50s tribute band, 60s themed band, jamie goddard, apachesixties band, 1960s tribute band, sixties tribute band, good 50s tribute band, 60s themed band, jamie goddard, double bass
One of the characters of the crowd was Archie (who is 99 years old) was up and dancing all night with Paige, Alice and the excellent entertainment staff at Corton Coastal Village.

A special thank you to all the staff who worked on the night: James Griffiths our host (and very talented vocalist). The Zoots have known James since 2009 as he booked us for one of our first ever gigs in Woolacombe Bay! Thank you to Paige, Stephanie, Katy, Alice and all the team for making sure the night was a huge success.

The corton entertainments team, the Zoots band, 1960s tribute band, Sixites tribute band

Hope to see you all soon,

Jamie & The Zoots


Sixties tribute band