Well hello lovely Internet viewer, are you having a good day? Is it cold where you are? It’s pretty nippy here, I have on 3 sweaters.
Have you done everything you need to? We haven’t. Our to do lists are as long as our arms, and then some. But it’s all great, we love being busy. We are party band form Wiltshire!

Party band Wiltshire

We’ve just got back from 4 weeks, yes FOUR WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKS of being overseas. We were so busy, we had 28 consecutive shows, and Christmas Day away from our homesies; which was sad, (I had a packet of cheesy Doritos instead of delicious Christmas dinner) but the rest of it was fun; we learnt some new tracks, polished some classics, refined our harmonies and threw some new moves into the mix. Every one of our shows was packed with guests returning night after night to see us.

When we weren’t performing, we were incredibly busy sunbathing, eating and generally doing our best to impersonate sloths, and my dad. All in the name of energy conserving of course (I’m pretty sure we’ve become solar powered). Here we are in the Dead Sea. Floaty float float. Gah, even floating is tiring.

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Now we’re back in the somewhat chillier UK but we are raring to get the new year started with a bang! We have very very (very) limited availability for 2016, so please do get in touch soon if you’re thinking just a tiny bit about booking The Zoots to perform at your wedding, party, event, bah mitzfah, soirée or shindig. We are THE party band form Wiltshire! Every year we think we can’t get any busier than the year before, and we’re proven wrong! 2016 really is going to the best yet, and we’re booking into 2017, so if you’re one of those really super organised people (we love you) and you’re looking waaaaay way into the future, GET IN TOUCH.

Party band Wiltshire

We’ve got quite a few public performances taking place in 2016, if you would like to come and watch us (thank you lovely people for watching us, we will watch you too if you like). The first show is a 1960’s show on Friday the 25th of March 2016 (that’s Good Friday) at The Beacon, Wantage. Get your tickets here. They are selling like Cadbury’s Mini Eggs in January.

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And the New Year begins in a new Zoots HQ, we’ve only moved a few miles from our old HQ, but it is lovely. And warm and light and airy and spacious. There are birds in the garden and fish in the pond. (Does anyone have *any* idea how to look after pond fish, please tell us how). There’s a big garden which has the potential to grow lots of lovely vegetables and pretty flowers, *or* become very overgrown and unruly. There are views over lovely acres of fields and trees and wild animals. It’s all very calming and stuff. ohm.

We’ve been very busy unpacking  (putting boxes in places we can no longer see them) and settling in (drinking lots of tea and talking about what we need to do), it’s very exciting. I enjoy rare free minutes browsing furniture delights online, (who knew what joy furniture can bring). We’ve allocated a room in the NEW HOUSE as a ‘music room’ for all of our vocal practices. It’s kitted out with a piano, a guitar, percussive bits, and a tumble dryer. Mutlifunctional.

2016 will see bass player Dan Gill will become a regular face with the Zoots along with local musician Tommy Lloyd. Both have very rare basstastic and vocalistic (sorry, I’m very tired) talents which have to be seen and heard to be believed. They really are incredibly skilled and both have a lot to bring to The Zoots shows.

Party band Wiltshire

We have some NEW EQUIPMENT. Yep, we love buying stuff. Really expensive and good, high quality, stuff, so don’t go spilling ya drinks on it, please, yeah? We’ve had to skip meals and sell some of mum’s things on eBay to pay for it.

So to sum up. Basically, 2016 is going to be really great. And we’re really excited you’re all going to be part of it. Send us your email address and we’ll put you on our mailing list. We may send the odd email to tell you about shows we have when we remember to do it (which is never).

If you want to know more about our equipment (yaaaaawn) or the new songs we’ve learnt, or if we are available to perform for YOU *points*, or if you want to send us free stuff, or do some interior design magic our new HQ for free, then get in touch. It’s well easy.

Love and cheese,

Harriet & The Zoots

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New HQ, New Songs, New Zoots

  1. John Darnes

    Hope you have a good year and it brings you more success. Hope to see you again in Stamford, corn exchange, some time soon

    1. jamiegodo

      Thank you John, hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. We just confirmed this morning for another Halloween night on Saturday 29th October at Stamford Corn Exchange! Hope to see you there! We are very excited about it!

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