The Zoots at the potato sheds

party band in Herefordshire

The Story of The Zoots in Kimbolton goes back about 7 years. The Zoots have been performing in Kimbolton nearly every other year at the James’ residence. We were lucky enough to perform at two James family weddings and Andy James’ 60th birthday. They were all amazing parties and we loved every one of them! It was at one of these parties, we met the lovely Lisa Horlock, who organised the charity ball at the Potato Sheds, where we’re playing this evening. Lisa, with the help of Susan Mansell and the team, have put on the event this evening to raise funds for Megan Baker House charity and The Palmers Children Trust. Tonight we were the party band in Herefordshire.

Early Saturday afternoon The Zoots met at Zoots HQ and headed North West, to Kimbolton. We were bound for a venue we had not played before, The Potato Sheds! Not a funny name for a quirky venue. The Potato Sheds, quite literally. We’d been told to look out for a ‘big green barn’ which we wouldn’t be able to miss…We found it, along with loads of potato crates stacked high. It looked awesome! Stuart and Mike couldn’t resist a few photos! Nestled amongst the crates was the entrance to the shed,

potato sheds, potato crates, potato shed party

We stepped inside the secret door and…woah! Were pretty amazed by what we saw!

I just loved the cloud lights which changed colour throughout the evening, inspired! The room was decorated and laid out beautifully. It was clear Lisa & the team had spent a lot of time working out what would work where. It’s totally nuts to believe that this huge room also serves as a potato shed, you would never have known, it looked so awesome.

At one side of the room was the bar, very cleverly utilising the potato crates, and at the other end was our cool stage area, dance-floor with a backdrop of potato crates! Crikey, a bit like Blue Peter, Lisa really had thought of everything you could do with a potato crate. Our favourite part was the cool canopy we had above. The lighting on it, really drew the eye to that part of the room, it looked awesome.

We bought in our equipment and the team set up for soundcheck. Jackie one of the catering staff made us a pot of tea which was very gratefully received, thank you Jackie!

The Zoots party band in Hereford

We spent quite a bit of time sound-checking, fine tuning the sound to make it sound great. The size of the room was great, with loads of natural reverb. The high ceilings and vastness of the place made little pockets of sound, meaning wherever you stood, you heard something different. We invested a lot of time in soundcheck to get everything sounding just perfect.

Once satisfied, we packed up our personal bits and headed to our caravan for the evening which Lisa and the team had kindly brought in just for us. We then met with Will and Phil, the catering team as they had some delicious food for us. Here is a picture of Will and Phil from Fingers and Forks catering. Thank you to everyone involved for the food and the place to relax and get changed before our performance.

A fab night for the band in Herefordshire

We kept track of what was happening inside THE GREAT BIG MASSIVE POTATO SHED. At 9pm The Zoots entered to begin their performance. Lisa had chosen some cool songs from our repertoire for us to play on the evening. We’d included as many of these as we could. The evening commenced. The dance floor soon filled. It was hot. People were dancing dancing dancing. It got hotter hotter hotter. We were lovin’ every second of it.

party band in herefordshire, charity ball band, the zoots, jamie goddard, band for fund raiserAfter a wild first set, we had a quick break where Stuart to the decks to DJ and the auction took place. We then took the stage for our second set.

It was awesome event and a real pleasure to be involved. Lisa and team raised over £8,000 for the charities and it was a tremendous success. We look forward to the next one!

Just before we hit the road we had a photo with Lisa our host for the evening.

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Thank you so much to Lisa, Sue and everyone involved for choosing The Zoots as their party band for the night.

Harriet and Jamie and The Zoots x

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