Jamie Goddard – Lead Vocals and guitar
I am Jamie. Front man and lead singer for The Zoots.

I started the Zoots in 2009 with my Dad (Martyn) who managed the band and came up with the name. In the past I have worked as a singer/songwriter and released two albums published by Warner Brothers and have written songs for Gold selling albums and performed in over 35 countries.
My claim to fame is that versions of my songs were used as part of the Chinese education curriculum to help students to learn English! My songs have been used for many advertising campaigns including Nokia, OKI and for the MTV / VH1 television series ‘I love the Millennium’.
Guitar makers Burns provided me with a Burns Double Six 12 String and an Apache 6 string.

I am now available for hire as a soloist on either acoustic or electric guitar for private events. Please call 07887 990400 for details.
When I’m not performing, I’m working behind the scenes managing, promoting, booking shows for The Zoots and hanging around with Harriet, my neighbours, my family, and Doughnut the doggo.

I founded The Kids are Alright project to encourage young people to get involved in music. The project involved a tour of schools and youth clubs performing live and talking to students about the music industry. I also carried out music workshops for GCSE and A level students to help with performance, writing and singing skills. The voluntary project won an award from The National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs.

I am lucky enough to live in the countryside near Marlborough in Wiltshire.
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I grew up in Maidenhead, Berkshire and my first instrument was violin, then piano, then drums. My Dad had been a professional drummer who played for loads of bands in the 60s and 70s most notably the band ‘First Class’ who had a number one hit in the US called ‘Beach Baby’.

I borrowed my Dad’s drums for my first ever performance in a school production of ‘The Muppets’.  I was Animal the drummerl!
A few years later in secondary school, I joined my first band with his older brother Martyn. Since then I have performed over 3000 gigs and performed and toured in 35 countries! I have also learnt how to play about 300 songs which are listed here.