The Zoots in jamaica

Hello 2017!

So sorry, its been a total age since we’ve written. There’s no excuse really, apart from we’ve been really busy. Like our feet have hardly touched the ground, until now!

December 2016 was one of THE BEST December’s we’ve ever had. We went to Oman, to UAE, to Germany, France and Belgium. And then we saw the New Year in (on the floor of the airport) in Cuba before sailing to Jamaica!! How lucky are we? I literally have 1000s of photos from our trips, so will include only a few below. If you want to see more, send me an email, and we’ll arrange a slideshow. :)Dubai was hot and interesting. We went to the old Souks (markets) on the river where they sold spices, textiles and gold. We (Tommy) learnt the art of haggling, which came in very useful. We stopped for a bite to eat near the gold souk, where we had some delicious local foods. Jamie bought some of the local attire. We took a little boat across the river (video below) It was an incredible experience.

We saw the Burj Kalifur. Lead singer Jamie, and bass player Tommy went to the top and saw for miles around. I was far too terrified.

The shows we had onboard The Vision of The Seas, whilst in Dubai went down really well. We had standing ovations for all four shows and had the best time meeting everyone afterwards.

Dubai feels like such a long time ago now! After Dubai, we came back to the UK for a couple of days before heading off to perform on a Christmas Markets Cruise! Needless to say, the weather here was very very different to Dubai, it was freezing!! The markets were interesting. We enjoyed some gluvine and some tasty chocolates in Belgium!

Our shows on the ship were brilliant. As it was a smaller ship, we really enjoyed getting to know everyone onboard, and we were sad to leave a few days later.

After disembarking the ship in Southampton, we headed straight to another show, not too far away, we were on a roll!

Then it was back home to get ready for our final show of 2016, our Christmas show at The Beacon Wantage. It was a sell out and the dance floor was packed from the beginning! We had the best time.

Christmas came and went, quickly, as it usually does. We all got to spend a little time with our families which I know we all enjoyed.

Soon enough we were back at Heathrow, making our way to CUBA!! Unfortunately 2 of our suitcases didn’t make it with us to Cuba, which left us with a few challenges…

We were meeting the ship in Havana which was amazing, and so very different to any other place we’ve been to before. It was colourful and musical. People had opened up their living rooms to become shops, where they sold souvenirs. Some of which we bought and made some music…

2017 is set to be our busiest year to date. We have a couple of public shows lined up, first one is at The Beacon, Wantage on the 14th of April (see their website for tickets). We have a few dates available for bookings, so if you’re looking for a band, get in touch as they are filling up fast.

January is busy, we’ve had lots of shows already, and we’re getting ready for another one tomorrow (Wednesday) and another on Saturday. We’re busy planning for the year ahead, taking bookings for this year, and next, and even the next (very organised). We’ve trying to replace the items from the suitcase which is still missing. It’s black, 4 wheels and an orange strap if any of the Air France baggage crew are reading this, and we would just love to get it back.

We’ve got some exciting projects lined up, and some great new ideas and opportunities for the band.

Here’s to the new year.

Lots of love,

The Zoots