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Hello hello! Long time no speak. We’ve been super busy, we haven’t had time to do much of anything except perform, rehearse, see a man about a dog/van/gig/pigeon, get ready for what is set to be our BUSIEST YEAR EVER – 2015! We have very few dates left available for 2015 so if you’re looking to book a band for your wedding, or party, bah mitzvah, Uncle’s 50th, your second cousin’s christening, Grandma’s 90th, or just a bash for the sake of a bash – then get in touch!

But never mind 2015, that’s new news, what about 2014? What a year that was! We closed the year with some gigs which we wont be forgetting in a hurry!  We didn’t even have time to write about them! 2014 was bloomin’ brilliant. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up to date with our news on our blog. We performed at some great places, terrific theatres, massive marquees, brilliant barns,’ cor-blimey’ castles, lots of hospitable hotels, colourful cruise ships, GAH THERE WE SO MANY! We saw some wonderful sites, performed for SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE (you know who you are, yes you!), visited many, many, many brilliant countries, had a LOT of laughs, swam in the sea, sometimes accidentally wore the same clothes as each other, or the opposite same clothes, ticked a lot off our bucket lists, ate ice cream, tried snails, had 5 LOST SUITCASES (thank you Air France!), DO NOT PUT DRINKS ON THE SPEAKER please, lost one guitarist at an airport (temporarily), saved a bee, learned a whole lotta new songs to add to our repertoire, when *that* thing happened with *that* cowboy hat, bought the second BIGGEST van in the world, became fruit friends, left some pedals on the plane, arrived in Santorini in time to have a sunset swim, saw dolphins in the wild, went for a walk to nowhere/an industrial estate in Gothenburg, took out far too many Norweigian Kroner, got stuck in one, two, almost three lifts, waited far, far too long for a ferry, was told I looked like Cilla Black one-too many times, that 5 week* long cough (*4 days), the 5 hospitals visits in one night (funnier in hindsight), the nutty cookie. 2014 was the year when ‘So much to meet You‘ was born, it was the year we had 1500 strong standing ovation(s), we made a horse friend, we had the ‘tent’ changing room, the dog which was just-far-to-excited, the too-small a shirt, the Norweigan Fjords, the year we totally nailed parking in Oxford, the year we reached new heights on our Facebook and Twitter and Instagram pages. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST YEARS EVER – thank you (yes, you again) for being part of it.

Alorra people said alorra nice things about us *blushes*; read the warm fuzzies here in our testimonial section.

Here’s some photos from 2014…(there’s actually only a few on here, as the Internet is having one of *those* days, so I’ll upload some more later/never).

Stay tuned for more happenings of 2015 at pretty irregular intervals. The Zoots

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