When working in the UK, The Zoots travel together in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter six weeler, six seater tour van which is serviced by Watters in Marlborough. We bought it from Austen Trading in Swindon. Just in case, we have a Gold AA breakdown policy to ensure we always arrive on time (usually early) and of course, get home from any venue.
All of a our equipment is PAT tested by Pat’s Testing in Swindon. All band members of The Zoots have Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million. We are all members of The Musicians Union and Harriet is a member of Equity. The Zoots own license number 7/0059376 to use Channel 38 wireless units and are registered with Ofcom.

The equipment we supply for private shows is valued at £34,000.
Our PA System cost £14,000 and is suitable for audiences up to 500 / 600 people. There are 3 boxes each side consisting the speakers listed below. We feel it gives us a tremendous sound which keeps people dancing and entertained.

Front of house speakersparty band in berkshire PA
Pictured right
2 x HK Audio Linear 5 L2000A sub woofers bought in 2014
2 x HK Audio Linear 5 L115 speakers bought in 2014
2 x HK Audio Linear 5 L2000A sub woofers bought in 2016

4 x Shure PSM 300 / P3R wireless In ear monitoring systems with 4 x SE 535 ear phones bought in 2016
1 x Mackie SRM450 bought in 2015
2 x Mackie SRM 350 bought in 2014



Mixerparty band in berkshire mixer
Allen and Heath QU24 digital mixer bought in 2016 Pictured right

2 x Shure Beta 87a Wireless for vocals bought in 2016
1 x Shure Beta 56 for drum vocals bought in 2016
2 x Shure Beta 87a for vocals bought in 2016
1 x Shure Beta 52 Bass drum mic bought in 2016
2 x Shure SM57 for guitars bought in 2012
1 x Shure Beta SM58 bought in 2011
3 x Sennheiser 604 for drums bought in 2011
1 x AKG D112 bass drum mic bought in 2011
2 x AKG c3000 drum overheads
4 x Shure SM58 for spare bought in 2015
All used with Konig and Meyer microphone stands
The Zoots use Planet Waves cables which cost £35 each

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Our stage and dancefloor Lighting cost £4,000
2 x American Dj Dotz flood with controller bought in 2015
4 x iSolution Splendor 36 moving heads bought in 2011
2 x Starcloth 2m x 2m







Backline cost £16,000
Jamie is endorsed by Marshall and uses a JVM 410C guitar amplifier, 2016
Ben uses a Victory V50H Duchess guitar amplifier with 2 x 12 cabinet, 2015
Tommy uses a Fender Rumble 500 bass amp, 2016


Jamie is endorsed by Burns Guitars and uses Jamie Goddard uses Burns Guitars
Double Six 12 string
Apache Noiseless special 6 string
Danelectro DC 59 12 String electric guitar, 2010
Tommy uses a Hofner 500/1 violin / Beatles bass
Tommy uses a 4/4 size  Strunal Double Bass


4 x Line 6 G50 wireless guitar systems bought 2014 and 2015 and 2016
Ben uses Line 6 Helix guitar pedal bought in 2016
Jamie occasionally uses a Line 6 Firehawk bought in 2016
Blackstar HT5 dual valve pedal bought in 2012

Drums, percussion and cymbals:
Simon Small is endorsed by Ludwig drums, Vater drumsticks and Protection racket cases.
Simon also uses Zildjian cymbals
Harriet uses Meinl tambourines, shakers and cabasas

The Zoots carry spare equipment including speakers, amp, guitars, mixer, mics and cables, snacks and pies to safeguard any eventuality. Our phones are always charged and we like to keep in touch and we are on standby if you have any questions about us.

Equipment is very presentable and under 5 years old (except the vintage drums & guitars). It is regularly maintained and replaced/upgraded when required.
We buy our PA and lighting from DV247 for a fantastic personal service. We have a great relationship with DV247 who have a provided much of our equipment listed. Our electrical equipment is maintained by Puretech Solutions.

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