Stuart and Emma got in touch with us, after spotting us perform at Bianca and Dan’s wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange in 2016. They enjoyed our show so much, that they emailed to see if we were available to perform at their wedding in March 2017, at the very lovely Dewsall Court. We were available and the date was set!

Fast forward a few months, and here we are, the 25th of March 2017 and it is GLORIOUS! It actually feels like the first real day of spring, It’s practically balmy out, so much so, I’ve not even brought a coat! I don’t think you could have asked for a better weather for a spring wedding!


We’d been in touch with Stuart, Emma, and the team at Dewsall Court during the lead up to the wedding. The guys at Dewsall Court were so helpful, friendly and organised, helping us to run through details and plan our arrival and load in. Emma (from Dewsall) was especially helpful, and was there on the day, making sure everything ran like clockwork, which it did. Think every venue needs and Emma, her organisation was brilliant!

It was around 1 hour 30 minutes from our base here in Wiltshire to Dewsall Court, the drive was picturesque and we were happy little Zoots.

We arrived at Dewsall Court, and met with Emma who showed us where we could park and load in. One of the many great things about Dewsall Court, is the room we could set up in, which was sectioned off from the rest of the room, which meant we were able to set up, somewhat secretly whilst the guests enjoyed their wedding breakfast. Dewsall Court have their own sound system which bands are required to plug into, which meant we only needed to load in some of our equipment. Set up was straightforward, the weather really helped as we didn’t have to worry about the equipment getting wet whilst we loaded it into the room. 

I loved the room at Dewsall Court, everything from the beautiful beams, to the hand painted mandela on the floor, it looked amazing and had a really lovely feel to it. We couldn’t wait to get started.

  • Britt wedding 2
  • Britt Wedding

We ventured down to the nearby office to get changed and relax before our sets. The grounds at Dewsall were just stunning.

Stuart and Emma had kindly arranged for us to have some delicious food and teas and coffees during our time at Dewsall. It was so wonderful being able to have a cup of tea, and some very tasty grub to keep us going into the evening. Shortly after, it was time for us to go on!

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  • britt w

Emma and Stuart took their place behind the doors, and we began. The doors opened and the newlyweds and us we’re revealed to the guests! It was such a lovely moment, and everyone gasped in surprise when the reveal happened! 

Here’s a little video of the first dance, and some photos from our sets.

The couple had chosen ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz for their first dance, which our very talented guitarist Ben Jones sang for the lovely couple. We then launched into our first set, which included lots of great songs the couple had chosen from our repertoire. Set 1 was great fun and we enjoyed going out into the crowd and performing amongst the guests! We had a short break, before heading back on for set 2, which I really enjoyed, as we got to play some songs we don’t get to perform that often! I really enjoyed myself performing with our guitarist Ben, drummer Simon, and bass player Tommy. I love the fact that I get to perform with these guys every week!

Our sets went by so quickly, and before we knew it, it was time for us to end. It was so lovely to see Emma and Stuart have a great time with their friends and family.

We got to have a chat with Bianca and Dan after our set, it was so lovely to see them again.

And we managed to catch the newlyweds for a quick photo too.


Thank you so much to the team, and Emma in particular at Dewsall Court, for being so helpful, organised and welcoming. Thank you so much to Emma & Stuart for choosing The Zoots to be their wedding band for the evening. Thank you too for Bianca and Dan for having us at their wedding where Stuart and Emma saw us for the first time too! Special Mention to Mark from Mr and Mrs W, photographer for Emma and Stuart’s wedding. Mark was friendly and lovely and took loads of photos, we can’t wait to see them! Check out his website here. 🙂

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Love from,

The Zoots, Jamie, Harriet, Ben, Simon & Tommy,

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