Hurrah, it’s finally here! We’d been waiting for this day for aaaaaaages! It was the day Laura and Pete got married! Laura and Pete spotted us at Sam & Luke’s wedding way back in 2014! Following their engagement on NYE 2016, Laura and Pete got in touch to see if The Zoots were available to perform at their wedding. Laura told us that we were the first thing they booked for their wedding, even before they booked their venue!

I felt like I’d known Laura for a long time. Running through everything with her in the lead up to the wedding was great, she was so helpful, organised and just lovely. I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend every time we chatted.

The couple had decided on Bonhams Barn for their wedding venue. Bonhams Barn, is ‘situated just outside the village of Holybourne (close to the town of Alton) in the heart of Hampshire, with spectacular panoramic views across an unblemished landscape, Bonhams Farm is part of a private estate – ensuring total privacy and seclusion, whilst offering you all the best of the open spaces of the surrounding countryside.’

We’d checked out the Barn online and it looked beautiful, we couldn’t wait to perform.

We set off early on Saturday as we were setting up our equipment before the wedding breakfast so that Laura and Pete could have on some music during dinner, and use a mic for speeches. The day was bright and we were feeling happy. We arrived at the Barn in good time and loaded out equipment out.

The Barn was beautiful! The decor was just gorgeous! I love green. It looked so amazing (there’s quite a lot of photos, sorry about that, but I just LOVED it). The team from Creative Cooks were there too and there we all super helpful and lovely.

Set up went well. We had a large area to set up in underneath the mezzanine which was great. We got everything set up just in time for the arrival of Pete and Laura. We then had a few hours to kill so went and at relaxed in the mezzanine. The Creative Cooks team brought us some delicious food! Thank you so much to Laura and Pete for arranging this for us.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go on! For their first dance, Laura and Pete had chosen ‘Wings by Birdy‘ which I’m sure you’ll agree is a beautiful song. Laura and Pete had a wonderful routine arranged for the dance.  It was so great to watch, and to see them so happy dancing together as husband and wife.

Following the first dance, we began our first set. We had lots of songs to fit in which we knew everyone would know and love. The night went so quickly, I had no time to take any photos, theres’s a few below! Set one went super fast, and set two even faster.

Thank you so much to Laura and Pete for booking us for their wedding band for the evening. We had the best time performing them and their friends and family. Many thanks too lovely bridesmaid Anna (check our her shop!) for being so helpful and lovely throughout the day. And thank you to everyone from Creative Cooks for being lovely and wonderful, and of course to Bonhams Barn team for being fab!

Lots of love from,

The Zoots, Jamie, Harriet, Ben, Simon and Tommy

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