“Thank you for the most amazing night on Saturday you certainly performed your hearts out and my party certainly had a ball”

We’re so excited that spring is here. It’s hot and the sun is out. We’re on our way to Eastbourne today, to perform for Stephen and Amanda at Amanda’s birthday party. Amanda knows about the party, but she doesn’t know about us performing, she thinks Stephen has booked another band!

Stephen and Amanda spotted The Zoots when we performed at the Eastbourne Bandstand last year (did you read the blog about our show – there’s some fab photos).

Both Stephen and Amanda loved the show and asked if we would be able to perform for his wife’s surprise party in April 2018. We were available and the date was set! 🙂 Whilst on the phone, chatting to Stephen, he mentioned he was heading to Goodwood Revival that weekend. ‘What a co-incidence’, I said. ‘We’re performing at Goodwood!’. Did you read the blog about our show at Goodwood Revival? It was amazing, and even better was that we were able to meet up with Stephen too!

The date was set and we were looking forward to it!

We all met at Zoots HQ. It was glorious. We had pizza left over from our day in the studio the day before, so we were happy.

The journey was pleasant. As the weather was glorious, it seemed as though everyone else was also travelling to Eastbourne for the day, but it was okay as we’d left lots of time for any traffic issues. On a side note, you may have spotted us out and about with our new ‘ZOOTS‘ logo on the van. Give us a ‘honk’ if you spot us. 🙂

We loaded in our equipment into the cool room. I loved the decorations and the large stage Stephen has arranged for us, it makes such a difference.

Stephen had arranged for us to have some lovely food before we performed. It was delish. Many thank you to Stephen for arranging that for us, and for Jasmine and the team at the Cavendish for getting it for us. Stephen also arranged for Noel Quatter the magician to come and show us some tricks before we went on. We were amazed! Simon had his fuel for the night (please sponsor us Red Bull)

Stephen had let us know all of Amanda’s favourite songs and artists so we played as many of them as we could. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. We had such a great time performing to such an energetic crowd, they did not stop!


Thank you to Stephen and Amanda for choosing The Zoots to be your band for the evening. What a great party. Happy birthday Amanda!

“Hi Zoots!! Thank you for the most amazing night on Saturday you certainly performed your hearts out and my party certainly had a ball. I’ve had so many thanks because the party was a real success of pure happiness and a brilliant time had by all and that’s a big thanks to you for a fantastic energising performance!!! Well done you’re great and I look forward to seeing you again. Love to you all from, Amanda and Stephen Longbottom xxxx

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