We want to be the best. We like to get to know everything about you, what songs you like, what songs you don’t, how you take your tea, that sort of thing. We like to meet with you if before the day if we can. And we’ll try and visit your venue so we know exactly what door leads where and which button does what. We like to ask you some questions. We like to be never more than a phone call or an email away. We like being recommended, and re-booked over and over again. We like to have a great time doing what we do best. We like to watch you have a FANTASTIC time whilst we do what we do best. We are always professional start to finish.

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Our Equipment
All of our equipment is fully PAT tested and we’ve got public liability cover for up to £10,000,000. We’re all members of the Musicians Union and Equity. We bring only the best equipment to our performances. There’s a list of our equipment here. We’ve been in the industry for quite some time, so, rest assured, we know what we are doing. Need more convincing? Have a read our testimonials or check out our pretty huge repertoire.

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Our Set Up
It normally takes us around 1 hour to set up and soundcheck, we’ll always endeavour to do this as quickly as possible. We will need to make some noise during this time, chat to us about your itinerary and we can advise the best time for us to set up. We have quite a lot of equipment so if there is a big stage or area for us, that would be terrific. Not to worry if not, we’re flexible (Harriet does yoga) and we’re used to fitting in spaces of all shapes and sizes. We’d need access to about three 13amp sockets but we can sort this all out with the venue.

On The Night

We usually perform two sets of around 60 minutes, with a break in between each set. We’ll perform a selection of songs from our repertoire, let us know which ones you like and we’ll be sure to include them! We can be flexible with timings, and will always advise what is best for you. During our break, we’re happy to play our pre-mixed playlist (a selection of pretty killer tracks to keep you dancing) or you can make your own on an iPod (or iPad/iPhone) and we’ll play it through our PA.

As we tend to arrive a few hours before our performance, it would be great if there was a warm room for us to use so we can get changed, warm up those vocal chords and have a cup of tea and do our hair. It’s not essential but can make a huge difference.

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What you need to tell us
Let us know a little more about your wedding, event or party. Some good bits to include:

– Where are you having it?
– What date?
– How many people (ish) will be coming?
– What are the timings of the day likely to be?

If you could tell us more about the venue (are there any sound restrictions?), any info about the load in (is it up 3 flights of stairs, in a different county, that sort of thing), parking arrangements and any songs you like, that would be fantastic, but not essential. All the information helps us to work out what size of PA we need to bring, what time we need to be setting off, our travel expenses and if we need to bring any extra muscle to help a tricky load in, giving you the most accurate quote we can.

Jamie Goddard from the ZootsStill can’t decide?

Here’s 7 reasons why you’ll like us:
– We’re nice people, we are very like able.
– We are prepared for absolutely everything, we have never, ever missed or been late for a gig.
– We are experienced. Massively experienced. We’ve played over 500 venues and 1000 shows.
– We love performing music
– We sound pretty darn awesome. Listen to some of our music on iTunes
– Look at our show dates, we are very busy
– We care about every show we do as this is our livelihood
– We come highly recommended, check out our testimonials

When you email us zootstheband@gmail.com or call us (07887 990400) you are contacting us (Jamie & Harriet) directly. There are no middle men or agencies.  We pride ourselves on being patient friendly beings. No question is ever too small or too silly. We’ve even written an article about booking a band, have a read of it here

Check out our FAQs for anything we might have missed.