We have lots of information on our Why Book The Zoots page, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, here are some FAQs

How far do The Zoots travel? Band to perform at my wedding

There’s rarely a place we haven’t played. We do a lot of work overseas too, in the last ten years we travelled to over 40 different countries. We are experienced in logistics. If it’s over 3 hours away (from Marlborough, Wiltshire) we may need to factor in some accommodation costs, but send us an email or give us a call and we can talk.

Can we come and see you perform live before we book you?
The Zoots perform lots of pubic events in the UK, please see our show dates for more details or ask! If not, we have lots of videos  and have a read of our testimonials too. We often get booked 12-24 months in advance so would suggest booking early to avoid disappointment! We would love to meet you at a show before the event near the Swindon / Marlborough area.

How long can The Zoots perform for?
We recommend performing for 2 x 1 hour sets or less. Experience has found that 2 x 1 hour performances work much better to keep your guests dancing throughout the night, whilst allowing your guests some time to rest those dancing feet, helping the evening to run a lot smoother. We’d suggest scheduling any other activities i.e photo booth/fireworks/buffet for the break in between the two sets. We can of course perform to any schedule for example 3 x 40 minutes. We’ll play a pre-mixed playlist in between our sets until finish. You can create your own if you’d like and we’ll play this through our PA. See our shows.

What do you need from us on the day?
It would be really smashing if we could get a bite to eat and a cup of tea when we arrive, ideally at least 1 hour before we perform. We’re honestly not divas (well, maybe Jamie), a few sandwiches or a hot meal for each band member would be brilliant. We’ve often travelled a long way in the van, and it’s not always possible to go off site to get something to eat. Food & drink is by no means a deal breaker, if its not possible, please do let us know as we’d only be too happy to bring something with us.

We do always get changed into our outfits after we’ve set up so it would be terrific if there is a heated room with electricity we could utilise for the evening to get changed and store our clothes and personal items. Preferably with a door, table and chairs. This really does make a huge difference, having a comfortable place to rest and warm up our vocal chords especially if we’ve arrived earlier to set up.

Power & stage wise, we’d need access to at least 4 x 13amp sockets, and a stage area of around 3m x 10m (if this isn’t do-able that totally fine we’re pretty flexible and can squeeze into most spaces!). We draw about 9kw of power. We recommend using a generator if the band are performing outdoors, at a private house or in a marquee. Our equipment is PAT tested and fully compliant but a generator is a more reliable source of electricity. We’ll also require parking for one car and our long wheel based van which is 7 metres long. The band van.

I would like to book you for my wedding, can you learn our 1st Dance?
Just ask! If we can, we will. This will all depend on the instrumentation and how much notice we have (we’d need about 6 weeks notice to rehearse). We’ll try the track in rehearsal and let you know how it’s sounding. If it’s not possible, we’re happy to play you’re first dance through our PA via an iPod. If you’re not sure what to have for your first dance, have a look at our repertoire for some inspiration!

Can we choose some songs from your repertoire?
Yes! We welcome your choices, its always great to know a little bit more about what songs you do don’t like! We suggest selecting a few of your faves from our repertoire and we’ll try and integrate as many of your choices into our set as we possibly can. We do have some specific medleys, mash ups and song orders which we’ve tried and tested over the years, so please don’t be sad if every selection isn’t included!
During our break, we’re happy to play our pre-mixed playlist (a selection of pretty killer tracks to keep you dancing) or you can make your own on an iPod (or iPad/iPhone) and we’ll play it through our PA.

Can you learn songs that aren’t in your repertoire?
We are always learning new tracks, so please send us your requests, if it’s do-able we’ll let you know.
Our repertoire is crammed full of some awesome hits so make sure you have a look!

What time does the band arrive & finish?
Our quotes are usually based on a 5pm arrival for set up and soundcheck and a midnight finish. We need about 60-75 minutes to set up and soundcheck, during which time, we will have to make some noise! If timings are likely to differ greatly from these, please could you let us know as we’d need to factor this into our quote.

Our Set Up
It normally takes us around 1 hour to set up and soundcheck, we’ll always endeavour to do this as quickly as possible. We will need to make some noise during this time, chat to us about your itinerary and we can advise the best time for us to set up. We have quite a lot of equipment so if there is a big stage or area for us, that would be terrific. Not to worry if not, we’re flexible (Harriet does yoga) and we’re used to fitting in spaces of all shapes and sizes. We’d need access to about three 13amp sockets but we can sort this all out with the venue.

How do I book The Zoots?

Drop us (Jamie & Harrietan email and we’ll take it from there. We’re nice, friendly people who are only too happy to answer any questions you have. We fully appreciate that this can be your first time booking a band so we’ll always try make it a lovely and reassuring experience! We’ll need a few details about the day, where you are having your event, your contact details, that kind of thing, and we’ll send out a contract and invoice for a non refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due up to 14 days before the evening, payable via BACS.

Are The Zoots insured and PAT Tested?
Yes! All The Zoots have £10 million Public Liability Insurance, with Equity & Musician’s Union and all our equipment is tested for electrical safety every year with Pats PAT testing.. We’d be happy to send copies of these documents to your venue. We do advise that drinks are not bought to the dance floor. If drinks are spilt on electrical equipment, it make break and may also trip the fuse and cut the power We also need to make sure it all works for the next event so we may have charge for any breakages caused by your guests.

Upkeep of equipment 
Thousands of pounds have been invested in our equipment using the best we can. In 2021 we invested in a new digital Allen and Heath SQ6 mixing desk. It works really well alongside our new Shure wireless in ear monitoring system. In 2015 we purchased a very tidy 6 wheeled, 6 seater, Mercedes Sprinter which was made in 2009 and has around 100,000 on the clock. Our HK audio Linear 5 speaker system was bought between 2016 and 2019. Our Line 6 wireless guitar systems are often renewed to keep us mobile and get us closer to the audience.

How much does it cost to hire a band for my wedding , party or function?

Our fee will depend on a variety of things, timings, location, number of guests. Get in touch with us, letting us know as much as you can about the day, we’ll factor all of this in and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Read some more information and advice about booking a band.

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