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The wedding band in Hampshire

Hello May 31st. It’s Saturday. It’s around 4pm. We’re at Zoots HQ in Wiltshire, having a cup of tea and loading the van all set for our performance at Tylney Hall in Hampshire. The skies are clear and we’re feeling elated. We’ve just returned from performing to 2000 people on a cruise to France and Italy, (read all about it here) and we’re looking forward to performing for a very lovely couple, Olivia & Rich. They got in touch in July 2013 to see if we were available to perform for them. They sounded just wonderful and their wedding sounded perfect so we of course said yes! Tylney Hall is just such a breath-takingly grand venue. We are pretty excited.

We’ve arrived it’s even better than we remembered. We’ve visited Tylney Hall a few months ago and met with Olivia & Rich and Olivia’s parents Lindsey & Terry. It was great to check out the room we were performing in, our load in arrangements and where we could park. We always like to visit a venue if we can before the day as it really helps things to run extra smoothly. It’s also great to meet the hosts if we can too, and put names to faces so that on the night it’s more personal. 

After parking up and having a cup of tea, we’ve unloaded our equipment from the van. We love tea. We really do. All of us. Love it. We have an hour to set up and soundcheck whilst the room is being turned around following the wedding breakfast. We’ve done as much as we can to make the change over as swift as possible, removed cases and taken things out of boxes. We bring a pretty huge equipment rig with us so it does take a while to load in and set up. The staff at Tylney Hall were incredibly helpful, making sure the space we needed is cleared first so we can begin setting up whilst they change over the rest of the room. It really is good organisation like this which makes a day run smoothly. The room looks gorgeous, with some coloured uplighting and *WOW* floral centre pieces on the tables. We’re setting up, it’s going brilliantly. After a quick soundcheck we’re ready. Bass player Stuart is DJing tonight. He is excited, I can sense his excitement. Olivia & Rich have chosen some brilliant tracks for him to play.

We’ve got a little while to get changed. We’ve got a lovely spacious room to change in which Olivia & Rich kindly arranged with Tylney Hall for us. It really does make such a difference having a room we can use to relax, warm up and get changed in. Often we are at events for many hours before we change so having a room we can utilise for the duration really does help. A lot. 😀

Stuart is ready first, he skips back to the room to get ready. He’s DJing Olivia & Rich’s first dance. And its a goodie – “Let there be love” by Nat King Cole. The first dance has begun, it’s beautiful. We’re all here to watch. Olivia & Rich look so happy dancing together as husband and wife! Everyone takes photos. I have to stand on my tip toes to see over the crowds. It’s a lovely moment. DJ Stuart has a couple more song requests to play before our first set.

And…we’re on! We start the set with ‘Twist and Shout’ followed swiftly by ‘La Bamba’ & ‘Hound Dog’. Everyone is up and dancing. It’s a great feeling. Front man and lead singer Jamie ventures out into the crowd to check the sound and volume, I get the nod, everything sounds perfect! We have a great set ahead of us. Olivia and Rich have chosen some fab songs from our repertoire. Highlights are: ‘Really Got Me’ “My Generation’ ‘Billie Jean’ ‘Beat It’. It’s brilliant. The time is going so quickly. One song after the next. We’re having a fab time. As always Ben’s (lead guitarist) solos leave the crowd speechless and wanting more. The first set is over. Stuart hits the decks, spinning out some awesome tracks whilst the buffet (bacon butties – #nom) is being served.

Stuart’s DJ set has gone down a treat. He looks happy. We brought him tea. He is even more happy. Time now for set 2… It is immense!! The dance floor is packed the whole evening. We keep playing. They keep shouting for more. Ben in on a table. Jamie is somewhere in the crowd. Mike is playing drums like there is no tomorrow. Is is brilliant. Jamie keeps on singing. We are loving every minute of it. It’s hot and late but we are having such a great time. ‘One more’ they chant, and we deliver again and again, until, like all good things, it comes to an end. Stuart has hopped back on the decks to end the night with a final DJ Set. THEY ARE STILL DANCING!! WOW. Such an amazing crowd. We’ve had a brilliant night. Now we’re off to get changed before packing up our kit.

It’s all gone by so quickly. We’ve had such a great time performing for Olivia & Rich. Huge thanks to them for choosing us as their wedding band. Big thanks also to Lindsey & Terry for all of their correspondence in the lead up to the day too! And thank you to Tylney Hall for having us, it was great!

We’re you at Olivia & Rich’s wedding? We’d love to hear from you and see any photos from the night! Get in touch with us.  Love from Jamie, Harriet and  The Zoots x

The wedding band in Tylney Hall

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The wedding band were in Hampshire, Tylney Hall