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band for charity ball

Anna-Louise Bates founded Believe in 2016. The Zoots were honoured to be chosen as the band for the charity.
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I first met Anna-Louise, Stuart, Fraser and Elizabeth Bates with some of their extended family in 2015 on their holiday whilst The Zoots were performing our show on a cruise ship. Her son Fraser was the first ever volunteer we had perform on stage with the band for our theatre shows. Fraser was such a natural and we were so impressed with his performance on stage! We stayed in touch with Stuart and Anna and were delighted when we heard that Fraser started guitar lessons as he enjoyed playing with the band so much.

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It was in December 2015 that we heard the tragic news that Stuart and Fraser had been hit by a car and killed. It was the most devastating news a wife and a mother could ever have. Fraser was however able to save 8 lives by donating his organs.
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The Zoots perform for the Nest Fundraiser to raise funds for Daniel Bulll from Little Pickles Playhouse in Little Hadlam, The Zoots were the party band for the evening's entertainment. They are also a wedding band in Hertfordshire . Wedding band in Berkshire, Party band in Wiltshire, Party band in Herts. band for charity event

Way back when The Zoots performed at The Alhambra theatre  we met the lovely Woodley family after the show. Many months later little did we know, Alison Woodley was planning and hosting events to raise money for the NesT charity. Alison’s aim was to raise £2,000 for eight year old Daniel Bull who she looks after at Little Pickles Playhouse. Daniel suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome, the condition (NS) affects approx 10,000 people in the UK, majority are children, with no known cause or cure. The current treatment is non-specif, with many potentially life-threatening complications. NeST funds Bristol Children’s Hospital in researching NS to find a cure.
Alison contacted The Zoots to see if we were available to entertain the guests at the charity fundraiser at Little Hadham Village Hall. We were honoured to be asked and jumped at the chance to be involved.  

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