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1960s tribute

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I was lucky enough to grow up in the town of Maidenhead in Berkshire and ever since Norden Farm, Centre for the Arts was built in 2000, I have always wanted to play there. It was so close when I lived in Maidenhead, I used to walk to the venue and watch some of the live music events there. When I formed The Zoots, I hoped we’d, one day, perform at Norden Farm, and today was that day, The Zoots were finally playing at the venue a stone’s throw away from where the band was formed.

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We LOVE performing at the Alhambra Theater, a HUGE stage, an awesome PA, soooo many wicked lights, 2000 seats over 2 tiers and an awesome crew to work with!Jacko, Stage Manager, Gerry on sound, Mike on lights and Greg backstage are just brilliant. We opened the show with our new animated introduction which shows The Zoots coming from home to the stage. We have adding so many things to the show and we were really looking forward to showing them off.

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This year has got off to a great start. It began in Cuba, and then Jamaica, which was just amazing!! Then we headed back to the UK where we’ve had lots of shows keeping us busy. Our performances have taken us to Bath, Oxford, Hertfordshire, Coventry, Taunton, and that’s all before February has finished! And today we’re heading to North Wales, to perform at the lovely Bodelwyddan Castle.

We set off early as we had a long drive ahead of us. The journey was fun as we played ‘guess the film score’ game with Ben’s new bluetooth speaker.

We arrived in good time, and the team at Bodelwyddan Castle showed us to the ahem…*cue proud moment*… ‘Lowther suite’ where we would be playing that evening! You could say it was made for me! hehe!
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The Zoots have been soooooo busy this year and have been away so much its been tough to keep up to date with all our news. We had a fantastic November and got to tour some fantastic places; Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and a brief trip to the Azores. We have some exciting times ahead, in December we are going to the UAE and Oman in the Middle East aswell as Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. To cap it all off we have a show in Cuba on New Years Eve!! Then to Jamaica early January! Lucky us!

Below is a picture of us being the first to arrive at T2 at about 4.00 am on a cold November morning on our way to Turkey. Travelling to all these warmer places makes winter so much better! 60s band, 60s band south west, 60s tribute band london, sixties tribute band, sixties band, sixties tribute hampshire, 60s tribute band Hants, 60’s tribute band in wiltshire, zoots 60s band, zoots sixties band, 60s tribute show, sixties tribute show, 60s tribute south, Masquerade theater, 60s tribute hampshire, 60s tribute band for hire Continue reading

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This week was so brilliant. It was The Zoots‘ first theatre show with our new bassist Tommy Lloyd. We’ve spent a lot of time at ‘The Farm’, practicing; running through our four part harmonies, working on some new songs and some new moves! Many thanks to Andy and Deb and of course Tommy for putting us up, (or for putting up with us)! Continue reading

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The Zoots have been very busy recently and been travelling all over the place by planes, train and luxury taxi’s. Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of performing three shows at the very impressive The Amber Theatre. We set up for souncheck where we met our seven members of the crew. Here is a picture of Liam, our fantasic sound man and a few pictures from our stage set up and soundcheck.
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Saturday got off to a great start. Lead Guitarist Ben and Bass player Stuart stayed over a Zoots HQ following our gig the night before in Brean with our other group Jamie & The First Class. We started the day off with a tasty cooked breakfast before being joined by drummer Master East and hitting the road, bound for Sussex to perform at the wedding of Juliette & Nicolas. We met them a few weeks previously to talk weddings. Read all about it here. The journey was good, the weather was nice and we made good time. We stopped on the way to make a few phone calls and take some selfies. Continue reading

I am really looking forward to performing The Oxford Brookes Soceity Ball this week.
In a Gatsby Themed evening at Oxford Town Hall, it should be breathtakingly good!

Get your tickets here

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The Zoots 5th birthday!

It has been an exciting time for us so far in 2014. Celebrating our 5th birthday, The Zoots have stayed in the UK for January and February for the first time ever except a brief trip to Lanzarote. We have been rehearsing and working hard on our act both on an off stage. We have been working on new songs for both our 1960s show and for all the other decades too. The year started with the birthday 40th Birthday Party of Ann Marie Gardiner who has been one of our longest standing fans for her Masquerade Ball. Ann-Marie came to one of our first ever shows at Butlins in 2009 and has been to see us many times since. She described the evening as “.. the best night of my life…”

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