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We LOVE performing at the Alhambra Theater, a HUGE stage, an awesome PA, soooo many wicked lights, 2000 seats over 2 tiers and an awesome crew to work with! Jacko, Stage Manager, Gerry on sound, Mike on lights and Greg backstage are just brilliant. We opened the show with our new animated introduction which shows The Zoots coming from home to the stage. We have adding so many things to the show and we were really looking forward to showing them off.

Intro played, and the curtain was up! We had load of awesome sixties songs in the set. Including numbers from The Beatles, Roy Orbison, The Who and the Kinks. We opened with Jonny Be Goode, the crowd absolutely loved it! Not sure there is a better feeling than a 2000 strong audience cheering for more!

Harriet sang her song ‘Boots Are Made For Walking‘ on and the crowd sang along every word.

For the first of our two shows, we had the brilliant Wayne from Wales up on stage to play with us! He was a total pro. And Wayne’s lovely wife Pauline took some photos for us too. We continued to see the pair around the ship in the days following our show, they were great! In the second show John from Scotland joined us on stage. Below are some photos of the guests who joined us on stage, and a photo of Wayne with his Zoots T shirt.

After our guests had take their bows, we played, ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’  to the new video footage playing the background. I bloody love performing with every single one of the Zoots. It feels like family and I honestly enjoy getting up on stage with them week after week. Here are some photos from the show. I wish we could bottle the atmosphere.

Here is a mix of all the various clips throughout the night.

We are getting lots of nice comments about our new Guards jackets. Thank you to Michael Randolph who suggested the idea at our photoshoot last year.

Here’s a quick snap of the guys with the crowd in the background. So much awesomeness in one picture!

Thank you so much to cruise director, Marc Walker for his warmth and hospitality, for introducing us on stage, and for joining us on stage for a dance! Special thanks to Thomas from Spain who took lots of the photos of us. Thank you Pauline for taking the photos & letting Wayne to play with The Zoots. The team at the Alhambra were fantastic; Jacko, Stage Manager, Gerry on sound, Mike on lights, Ricardo in broadcast and Greg backstage were brilliant.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments, and thank you to those who have sent us your photos from the evening!

Lots of love from,

The Zoots

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